10 Golf Tips & Tricks for a Better 2015


I’ve come up with 10 golfing tips and tricks which you can use to improve your game in 2015. I hope you get something out of them.

If you know a golfing buddy or friend who would benefit from these tips, make sure to share it with them. Enjoy!

1. Basics, basics, basics

Just think ‘GASP





Take care of these every time you practice. From the putter to the driver.

2. Control the controllables 

This is straight out of the psychologist’s textbook. So true and vital in this game.

Spot the difference between these:

Attitude, work ethic, how you respond to a bogey, technique…


Bad lie, bad bounce, being stymied behind a tree, the weather…

Take charge of the controllables and let go of the rest.

3. Be a marksman

Imagine you are an assassin taking dead aim at your target. Be as specific and as precise as you can. If you feel like your aim is off when you setup to the ball, back off and start again.

Whenever you practice on the range, use an alignment aid on the ground.

4. Pose for the cameras

Hold your finish. If you hit a great shot or if you cart one off line, hold your follow through. This is great for rhythm & great for balance. It also helps you to keep your emotions on an even keel.

5. Don’t peak to soon

This bit of advise extends beyond the golf course!

When putting, complete your stroke and count to two. This will enable you to keep your shoulders and putter head on plane through impact and will significantly reduce your anxiety over the putts.

A simple way to practice this is by putting a penny coin behind the ball. Complete your stroke keeping your eyes focused on the penny. Count to two before you look up towards the hole.

6. Pin high wins

Player 1: Stripes his shot straight down the flag. The shot sounds great & looks great, but he’s under-clubbed.

Player 2: Shoves his shot. He hates it and looks away in disgust. But he’s pin high.

Player1: Has a chip from the front fringe.

Player 2: Has a 20′ putt for birdie.

You see this all the time. Take enough club to get you pin high.

7. Don’t hit it harder, hit it better

The key to consistently sending it out there is maintaining a high smash factor (ball speed divided by clubhead speed). This comes down to good technique and an efficient swing. Find a tempo that allows you to achieve these things and compress the ball. This is your starting point; build it up from here. As soon as you start to lose compression, slow it back down and start again.

Never go for speed if it compromises your smash factor.

8. Don’t cry over spilt milk

Learn from your mistakes. As Daniel Coyle notes in his book ‘The Little Book Of Talent,’

Brain-scan studies reveal  a vital instant, 0.25 seconds after a mistake is made, in which people do one of two things – they look hard at the mistake or they ignore it. People who pay deeper attention to to an error learn significantly more than those who ignore it.

Look your mistake straight in the eye and ask yourself what you can do to improve.

9. Paint pictures

Have swing feelings, not swing thoughts. When you’re out on the course, you can’t talk your way into swinging it well. Verbal commands to yourself just won’t stand up under pressure.

Learn to think kinesthetically – in images and feelings. This takes some hard work to master, but here’s how to do it – When you nail one on the range, take a moment to re-live it in your mind. What did the swing feel like? What did it look like? What did I do so well? Close your eyes and replay the movie.

10. The one month experiment

Go an entire month without saying anything negative about yourself. If you start saying something derogatory about yourself, STOP.

It’s a fun experiment. If you like it after 1 month, why not carry on?