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Golf has given me so much in life that I’m eternally grateful for. It’s given me the opportunity to travel all over the world competing in tournaments both with and against some of the best golfers on the planet. It’s provided me with a winning attitude, a balance and discipline to live my life by, the opportunity to meet so many fascinating and inspirational people, and of course countless stories that enrich my life.

I hope that NeilChaudhuri.com will become a space to share my love of golf, a space where I can thank all those that have helped me in my career, and a space where I can help aspiring golfers to get as much out of the game as I have so far. Thanks for visiting my website and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require any help.


About Neil

Neil Chaudhuri is a professional golfer from Leicester who plays at The Leicestershire Golf Club.

After a successful amateur career representing his country and playing off a handicap of plus 3.4 (3.4 below scratch), Neil now plays professionally and competes in tour events across Europe.

When his schedule permits, Neil helps aspiring golfers to improve their games through swing analysis in his online academy.

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